Widespread Weed Problem

Numerous areas around the lake are being inundated by a weed Called Singapore Daisy. This is on the GCCC “10 worst weeds list” but not many people are aware of this.There are many species of weeds to be on the look out for, with the top ten worst weeds particularly damaging or prevalent, sometimes as garden plants in our backyards.

This weed can quickly spread across the lake so it is important to remove any of these plants from  properties ASAP.

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Resident Complaints over Reed Beds

Council has been receiving complaints over the installation of the reed beds. Some waterfront residents are unhappy with the look of the reed beds as they spoil their view. They prefer the reed beds be removed and other options from the Management Plan be implemented.

What hasn’t helped in the acceptance of the reed beds is the lack of notice when the reed beds were changed from the original position and suddenly appeared in their current position. Only residents in the vicinity of the original position received notice. To clarify:- the FRB’s were relocated  to the middle of both lakes to have minimal effect on all surrounding properties.

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Reed Beds installed at Robina Waters

Reed Beds have been installed at Robina lakes for the same reason as Lake Hugh Muntz – to combat raised nutrient levels. This area of the lake has been affected by algae and surface weed called Salvinia thriving under the current conditions. Council have to regularly harvest the weed to reduce the growth.The Reed Beds can be viewed at Barrington Park off Manly Drive.


Council Information Night Planned

Many residents have highlighted the general lack of information over reed beds and other possible improvements to reverse the decline in water quality.

Council has responded by organising an info session on factors effecting the lake and the interaction of improvements on water quality. 2 meetings have been planned to ensure everyone can attend.

The venue is the Albert Waterways Community Centre (opposite Pacific Fair next to the Library)

Dates are;

  • Monday 24th September 2012 between 6 – 7:30pm and
  • Saturday 29th September 2012 between 9 – 10:30am

This is a public meeting and anyone who has interest in the lake are welcomed to attend.

There will be a FAQ session so get your questons ready.

Lake Poo Muntz – Dog Dropping Survey

To confirm the best spot for the new bin/doggy bag a dog droping survey was carried out. Not many people were willing to volunteer for the job but  managed to cover the whole lake. We knew there was a lot of poo out there but were suprised to find over 170 droppings scattered around the lake! Check out the map below to see the problem areas.