Litter Gully Basket Installation

Currently all drains located in the Lake Hugh Muntz catchment area feed leaf litter directly into the lake. This leaf litter then decomposes and adds nutrients to the water. High nutrient levels have been an ongoing problem and have contributed to some occurrences of algae blooms.


To address this problem, City of Gold Coast Council has organised the installation of Gully Baskets in all drains within the catchment area.basket1 This installation will occur over the next 2 weeks. This will be a permanent installation (no trial period) as this product has been proven to be effective in many other installations around the Gold Coast.

The baskets consist of a frame that holds a large filter and unique bypass overflow
system that eliminates flooding risk.


The units fit neatly  into the existing drains making them hardly noticable from street level.


Filter Clean


The filters will be inspected and cleaned on a high priority basis (routinely and after heavy rainfall events) by Council’s contractors.


Gully Baskets will reduce floating leaves etc found on the lake surface and the subsequent build up along the shoreline as well as reducing nutrients. This installation is a great initative by council as it has the potential over time to offer real improvements in the water quality of Lake Hugh Muntz.