2014 Clean Up Day – Great Results Despite Lack of Participation.

This year we combined both the clean-up day and the info day together to have an event called “Lake Day”. In the morning clean-up we were very pleased to have Paul Taylor and his wife attend and help. With the smallest group of residents participating since the start of our clean up days, we really needed Paul Taylors help.

It was dissapointing that the councillor who lives out of the lake area made the effort to attend while waterfront owners, local residents and regular lake users could not be bothered!

With the lack of support by the local community and the recent sand replenishment covering up a lot of rubbish, our goal to fill the 2 large bins seemed difficult.

Despite the lack of numbers, the rubbish just kept piling up at the various parks around the lake. The end result was that not only were the 2 bins filled but 2 large piles of rubbish were also removed.

A big thank you to the people that attended. It was amazing that so few acheived so much!

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