Care Group Meeting with Council

The Lake Hugh Muntz Care Group recently organised a meeting between key stakeholders of the lake and LHM committee members. It was great to meet personally with the council representatives and discuss issues face to face.

Park Meeting Council

Please see below for a brief summary of discussions.

Issue. Ongoing delays in water quality results.

Discussion. Concern over no ongoing monitoring or analysis of water quality measurements by Council. Would like not only results but analysis of results at least yearly instead the care group providing an unprofessional  summary.

Outcome. Automation of Water Quality Results for Waterways in the Nerang Catchment including LHM is on track to go live by the end of 2016. Results/2016 Summary in January.

Issue. No council plan on the Management of Lake Hugh Muntz.

Discussion. Concern over what next? Is further action required based on recent water quality results?

Outcome. TBA

Issue. Notice Board material not updated.

Discussion. Difficult for officers to drive out to update on a regular basis. Request for a Care Group Member to have access makes a lot of sense as we live in the area. Discussion of possible approval of documents provided they relate to Lake Care/Catchment Management.

Outcome. Care Group Rep can now update with prior approval of material.

Issue. Reed Bed Uneven/ poor growth resulting in poor aesthetics.

Discussion. Possibility of elevated salt levels at times in LHM causing issues with plant growth.

Outcome. New salt tolerant plants currently being grown in nursery and subject to initial testing, will be trialled on LHM reed beds.

Issue. Concern over Litter Basket efficiency.

Discussion. No improvements on baskets and noted that flaps need to open to prevent possible flooding during heavy rain. Baskets cleaned but debris left on top of drains. Can this be cleaned as well?

Outcome. Contractors asked to clean top of drain as well. Some statistics supplied on how much the baskets have collected would be good.

Issue. Park Drain – Bellair Park. Soil constantly being washed into the drain and into the lake.

Discussion. Catchment management advised expensive concrete collection pits not feasible and concern over plantings around drain may not be effective. Committee opinion that like the reed beds and litter baskets there is no perfect solution, but plantings would at least help in reduction and far better than doing nothing.

Outcome. Catchment Management looking into feasibility.

Issue. Water Scum – Concern over health issues with swimmers regularly wading through what appears to be an oil slick.

Discussion. Occurrence may be a natural reaction between decaying matter and algae. Discussion over feasibility of removal and if, as a natural reaction will it just keep reoccurring.

Outcome. Investigation of scum sample to determine origins.

Issue. Removal of floating material that regularly gathers in areas around the lake dependent on wind conditions.

Discussion. Engineering advised that now contractors have been employed to offer more regular maintenance and inspection. Suggestion to include removal of material as part of their duties. Special tolls such as nets or scoops may need to be employed for effective removal.

Outcome. Increased cleaning if notified when material is present.

Issue. Singapore Daisy outbreaks in Private Property.

Discussion. Every year the care group spends a lot of time on the same properties to remove this weed. Can council approach residents in regard to proper maintenance?

Outcome. As Singapore daisy is not currently on the obnoxious weed list, residents cannot be approached.