5th Lake Hugh Muntz. Clean-Up Day Completed

Another Clean-up day completed but under difficult conditions. The strong windy conditions made it hard as well as the poor attendance. It is disappointing that not only a handful of the 120 waterfront residents bothered to turn up, but also disappointing that each year we have to return to the same properties to remove a years collection of Palm Fronds and weeds from the back of their properties.

It just highlights the dedication of a small group of residents that turn up year after year to clean up other residents “back yards”

Despite the above difficulties, 2 large bins were filled to the brim as a result of this hard working group.


Every year we see improvements in water and shoreline quality but have to ask “can we continue without the support of residents”

A BIG thank you to Raine and Horne Mermaid who supported the local community and the event by setting up and suppling all the food and drinks. This was a great help as the last thing that tired volunteers want to do it setup the BBQ, cook and pack up after a very hard morning.


Check out the photos below!

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