Response to Councils Newsletter

  • Paul Taylor has gone to great lengths in his Letter to Residents to highlight that Lake Hugh Muntz is a constructed water body that forms part of a ‘stormwater’ drainage system which by its very nature is unregulated and uncontrollable
  • The Lake Hugh Muntz Care Group believes the fact that Lake Hugh Muntz forms part of a stormwater drainage system does not offer a reason to Residents as to why Lake Hugh Muntz has been mismanaged and neglected by Gold Coast Council. It also does not offer an answer as to why council has not taken steps to control the quality of stormwater entering Lake Hugh Muntz?
  • Lake Hugh Muntz is gifted with being a small manageable catchment area. The lake is an enclosed water body, separated from rivers and streams. The short distances the water has to flow to enter the lake creates minimal erosion and results in relatively clean water entering the lake. There are no valid reasons as to why Gold Coast City Council has neglected and mismanaged Lake Hugh Muntz
  • In an attempt to detract from Councils mismanagement Councillor Paul Taylor has now, rather pathetically, advised that Lake Hugh Muntz may have potentially “Dangerous Aquatic Organisms”- Suddenly “eels” are on par with Stone fish despite no reference in Council documentation. To “make up” stories to detract from safety or to reduce usage of LHM is just not acceptable! This quite frankly confirms that Council are intent on “Finding Excuses Instead of Investigating Solutions”
  • It is no accident that LHM has been such a popular and safe place to swim. LHM has many advantages over other swimming areas as highlighted in the video “why should LHM be Primary Contact”.

Please review the video and ask yourself “why has Lake Hugh Muntz been neglected”

  • Lake Hugh Muntz has been suitable for swimming for the past 35 years and must be maintained accordingly. Please make your voice heard, write an email to Paul Taylor, sign the Save Lake Hugh Muntz petition and force Gold Coast Council to take care of our lake.

Support to Save Lake Hugh Muntz is Flooding In.

Support from users and user groups across the board are flooding in for the Save Lake Hugh Muntz Campaign. Concern is high regarding the possible loss of this valuable community asset.

Just some of the letters below:






















Merrimac High Letter of Support

Courtney Atkinson Letter of Support








Residents and Users Forced to Take Protest Action over Council Inaction

The decision by Council not to allocate any funds to LHM as well as the downgrading of the lake to Secondary (no- Swimming) contact has residents and user groups up in arms! With the lack of communication from Council and the continued decline of water quality it is only a matter of time before the lake is closed Permanently!

Out of desperation, concerned residents have organised a protest and invited Channel 9 to film the event.

Despite only 1 days notice, over one hundred residents and user group representatives descended on Bel-air park to have their very angry voices heard.

The mood of the group was to say the least “determined” to do what every is necessary to “Save this Lake”

The story should be live to air this Friday the 16th March on the 4 pm and the 530 pm news but check the program guide to confirm.

You will also be able to access the story on Channel 9’s facebook page.


Lake In Crisis- Heading for Permanent Closure.


For the second year in a row, Lake Hugh Muntz was closed this summer for high levels of algae!

In the 35-year history of this swimming lake, these consecutive closures are unprecedented with the last recorded algae outbreak before 2016/17 and 2017/18 closures way back in 2006!

Enquiries with council revealed that prior to the second closure, algae levels remained in the orange warning zone for an extended period. Clearly two consecutive closures highlight the poor condition of the lake and the inability to recover.

Will the Lake be Closed Next Year?

YES! The conditions in the lead up to the second algae outbreak were not unusual: A normal spring leading into a warm summer with the lake level relatively high for this time of year. The lake went into the Red/Closed level in December well before the hottest part of the season. It has NO capacity to survive the hottest month of the year, January or beyond into February for next year and subsequent years! Only in cooler, wetter months can the lake gasp for life.

Council Blame Environmental Conditions!

Prolonged hot weather was determined by council as the main environmental cause of the first outbreak. But why have other lakes not suffered under the same environmental conditions? Practically within walking distance of Lake Hugh Muntz is another freshwater lake with many similarities. Like LHM, West Lake in Robina is in a highly urbanised area, has drains from surrounding streets flowing into the lake and receives minimal flushing. Reed beds are installed as well as gully baskets to some of the drains. This lake also has several aerators installed. This lake has not suffered from any algae blooms over recent times with far better water quality than LHM.

A striking comparison of the two lakes in the images recently taken below highlights the appalling state of LHM.

       Lake Hugh Muntz 7/1/18

West Lake 9/1/18

Why No Aerator or Other Solutions Investigated in LHM?

As an example of other solutions in use, West Lake and Robina Lakes have an extensive installation of Aerators. Aerators increase diffused oxygen in the water, which in turn supports and encourages the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria. These beneficial bacteria break down organic matter and consume excess nutrients which helps to balance and improve water quality and reduce algae blooms.

What is Council Hiding?

The Care Group requested water quality results over 7 months ago after the initial algae outbreak. Previously, Council have provided results but now refuse our requests. Out of desperation, we have requested information under the “Right to Information Act 2009.” Under the circumstances, we have no confidence in Council providing an unbiased report on the ongoing condition of the lake. In the light of NO explanation by Council we are raising funds to seek an independent analysis.

Lake Now Toxic!

Algae danger levels are measured in several ways. By the number of algae cells per volume of water and by the percentage of toxins in a volume. Council advice indicated the lake is now in the red from excessive toxin levels.

How Much is Your Property Worth Now?

For the broader LHM community who paid a premium choosing to live near and enjoy an environmentally healthy freshwater lake, look at the comparison photos of LHM vs a healthy lake and ask the question “how much has your property value declined and why should you pay for Council’s mismanagement?”


  • LHM has suffered from 20 years of excessive nutrients under Council’s mismanagement.
  • After 10 yrs of increasing nutrients, the LHM Management Plan was released in 2008. The stated brief: To achieve a healthy and aesthetically valuable environment, indicative of a freshwater lake system in a sub-tropical setting.
  • The implementation of the LHM Management Plan to maintain a healthy lake was largely ignored.

Council’s Non-Plan to Reverse the Decline.

There has NEVER been a plan to implement the Council Approved management plan! The Care Group’s numerous requests for a “plan” were ignored. Improvements were only the result of resident complaints and the determination of the Care Group to get some progress.

Main Solutions implemented that could have a measurable effect on nutrients;
  • 15 years into the decline – trial of reed beds – no measureable improvement.
  • 17 years into the decline – Drain baskets fitted – Poor results, secondary treatment catchment required.

Too little too late! These solutions alone were NEVER going to turn around the decline!

So What are Council Doing in This Crisis?

In a meeting with Council one year ago (in March 2017), Cr Taylor and Council officers advised:

  • NO further funds are available to spend on LHM.
  • They will not be changing maintenance – the same level that has proven to be inadequate.
  • They were downgrading the lake status from primary contact (swimming) to secondary (no swimming).

The ongoing closures are a disaster for the health of the lake as well as the community who regularly use this public asset. The dependency on this lake for users and local clubs is highlighted by the fact that many are still swimming in the lake despite the risk to their health – for some users, there are no other suitable training areas available! Ongoing lake health issues need to be addressed URGENTLY!

Council Have Signed a “Death Sentence” for LHM!




  • That Council formally classifies the designation of the lake (set out in the Lake Management Plan 2008) to be a PRIMARY CONTACT water body and suitable for swimming and related recreational activities at the request, and for the benefit, of the local community; AND
  • Council seriously and expeditiously investigates all available technical solutions to returning the lake on a sustainable basis to pre-2007 water quality levels to enable reliable use as a PRIMARY CONTACT water body.

STEP 2. COULD YOU PLEASE SHARE THE WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE WITH YOUR CONTACTS to get as many signatures on the petition as possible and spread the word on the possible Death of Lake Hugh Muntz!


  • Why has Council, the asset owner, let this unique freshwater lake deteriorate to such a poor condition?
  • Why the Management Plan was not implemented in full?
  • Why Council have no plans to rectify the ongoing decline?

Darren Ford. Coordinator Lakes and Waterways

Ph 07 5667-3875      Email:

Paul Taylor. Division 10 Councillor

Ph 07 5581-6171      Email: