Meeting With Algae Experts/LHM Action Plan Timeline

The Care Group, Council Representatives and Griffith Algae experts met on the 1st of June to discuss options for restoration including;

This was a general discussion with no specifics relating to LHM due to options still being investigated.

The Lake Hugh Muntz Action Plan Timeline was released indicating proposed timelines for investigation and possible implementation of solutions. Please see the link below for more info.

Link: LHM Action Plan Timeline.

A brief summary of points below;

  • Paul Taylor pushing for approval of the initial 100k funds at Council Budget Meeting.(funding not yet approved)
  • Full 100k to be spent on improvements.
  • No clear short term options indicated, but will be considered before the swimming season. Therefore, no clear indication on if and when the lake will be open to swimming at this stage.
  • Short term solutions ideally implemented before increased Algal growth heading into summer.
  • Vacuum removal of current floating algal blooms along shoreline is being investigated but difficulty with filtering the algae.
  • Council health dept indicate no current health risks from airborne contaminants from Algal blooms.
  • Long term options still being investigated. Griffith Experts running lab tests on various lake samples with several possible solutions. Long term Options Report due in September.
  • Investigation of improved water quality monitoring with possible live recording devices.
  • Visibility and ongoing, regular updates to the public on water quality results with meaningful summary.
  • Care Group requests involvement in the Revised Lake Hugh Muntz Management plan in September.
  • Meeting with Key users and groups to discuss options recommended by Griffith Experts.