Lake Hugh Muntz is now OPEN!

After an incredibly long 9 months LHM is now open. Grab your swimmers and tell your friends to get down and enjoy this fantastic community asset while you can!

We are currently waiting on the release of the Long Term Options report due in September and more importantly what Council intend to implement and will advise when received.

Official statement from Council below;

As a major stakeholder in Lake Hugh Muntz, the City would like to advise you of the following;

Water quality sampling has confirmed that blue-green algae levels at Lake Hugh Muntz (LHM) have returned to acceptable levels in accordance with the National Guidelines.

Weekly water quality testing has confirmed that both the algae and toxin concentrations have declined and are no longer at a level where they pose a risk to public health.

Whilst the algal bloom has declined significantly, the species of algae that has persisted in LHM (Chrysosporum ovalisporum) is known to produce spores.  These spores can often remain dormant in the sediment of a waterbody and become activated when weather conditions become favourable, especially during warmer temperatures.  This may result in another algal bloom in the near future as temperatures increase during summer.

Whilst temporary warning signage has been removed from the lake, please continue to exercise caution and avoid contact with water:

  • where scums or floating debris are visible
  • that looks discoloured, murky or smells unpleasant
  • near stormwater drains
  • for up to three (3) days after heavy rainfall
  • if you have an open wound or infection

Routine water quality sampling will continue at LHM to monitor conditions.  Should conditions change, further advice will be provided.


Further information can be found online