Lake Now Into 5th Month of Closure!

It has now been 5 long months that LHM has been unavailable to the public due to ongoing Algae blooms. The lake closed in mid January in the peak of the swimming season despite the application of Phoslock. While the levels are reducing, algal scum is still present along foreshore areas representing a continuing health hazard.

As we head into our 4th year of unprecedented consecutive closures, time is running out to implement effective treatment to prevent another algae outbreak and prevent even further damage to a lake that is in critically poor condition.

Unbelievably there is still NO plan.

Latest Graph Courtesy of GCCC.


Care Group Meeting With Council

THE LHM Care Group requested a meeting with Council to discuss ongoing issues with LHM and to get a update on progress. The meeting was held last week with the following key points:

  • LHMCG has accepted NEW terms of reference and will now attend the stakeholder group and as such will receive further updates and results through this group.
  • Another Griffith Report updated with Phoslock Trial Results released soon.
  • Next stakeholder group meeting is August 5th where Griffith will present their findings of their report in more readable format.
  • Methodologies and proposed aerator solutions will be forwarded to Griffith and analysed for their feasibility and discussed in stakeholder meeting in August.
  • Phoslock results and analysis will be a main focus of Griffith’s new report.
  • Aerators were not presented as a solution in Griffith’s report. Issues with implementing aerators when algae is not controlled.
  • Key Griffith recommendation Hydrogen Peroxide not Approved.
  • Disagreement over the impact of salt water on the lake from canal. Whether it is beneficial or harmful to lake overall.
  • Disagreement over value of lake. Council view as borrow pit for storm water, Care Group views as unique valuable community asset.

Please review full Meeting notes below;

Meeting Notes 31/05/19.