Phoslock Trial and Future Management Options Report

The Griffith Uni Phoslock Trial and Management Options were presented and reviewed at a meeting with Council last week.

See Care Group Summary of report and concerns.

See full report –Griffith Phoslock Trial and Evaluation of Management Option Report 

Key Points.

Phoslock Trial – little evidence of a reduction in phosphorus levels in system. The duration of the bloom reduced from 9 months to 6 months, but impossible to conclude whether this change was a response to Phoslock.

Management Options- Trial of sand capping of bottom, monitoring effectiveness, then followed up by Phoslock treatment proposed to reduce algal blooms.

No implementation in the near future until further testing to confirm the suitability of the proposed treatment.

Report indicates removal of Reed Beds would not reduce water quality.

Care Group Concerns.

NO clear timeline provided on completion of testing and implementation of Plan.

Proposed action has no effect on the serious stratification issues affecting the lake.

No action on reversing significant loss of underwater aquatic vegetation that is necessary for lake recovery.

Proposed Removal of Reed Beds would have a detrimental effect on wildlife that is already suffering under the poor condition of the lake.