Lake Hugh Muntz Will be THE Election Issue for Division 12

With the recent electoral boundary change, LHM is now in Division 12 for the upcoming Council elections in March. We need a Councillor that will represent the local community and support the community wishes to save this unique and valuable community asset.

The Care Group will be canvassing all Candidates on their commitment and plan to get some long overdue action to reverse the years of decline under Councils Management.

We will be posting each candidate’s plans for the future of LHM and sharing on social media to ensure that the general public can make an informed decision on the best candidate for the electorate and LHM.

Summary of Recent Meeting with Council

Recently the Care group representative, key user groups and residents met with Council to get an update on the progress of lake issues with summary below;

  • Water Quality. No indications that the lake will NOT be closed again this summer. Timing and duration of algal blooms difficult to predict with high algae levels coming out of winter.
  • Action Plan Timeline Released with NO Action Plan. Griffith are continuing testing with the report on solutions due in July but no timeline beyond that. With the proposed solutions not delivering improvements for the first year and a half, the concern is how long until we can expect any improvement?

The care group will be asking for an idea on timeframe for the following;

  • Council to undertake multi criteria assessment on report recommendations including feasibility, cost etc. How long?
  • Funding for proposed works. Is funding available for proposed works? If not when? With the report due in July after the annual budget will action be delayed another year due to no dedicated funding?
  • Implementation of sand capping. How Long?
  • Griffith Report indicates monitoring effectiveness of sand before a possible Phoslock treatment. How long for monitoring?

Care group have again raised concerns over no consideration over the loss of underwater aquatic vegetation and no action over the severe stratification issues. These problems need to be addressed to ensure long term recovery and health of the lake.





Reed Bed Damage

Please see notification below by Council on issues with reed bed off Morialta Park. I believe the boom net is to reduce the effect of wind/waves while investigation is carried out.

The City was notified by a resident yesterday afternoon that one of the Floating Reed Beds (FRB) had come apart. Maintenance crews were on site this morning to assess the structure. You may have noticed this maintenance crew expecting the FRBs every month, undertaking weed maintenance and replanting when necessary.

At this stage it is unknown what has occurred to cause the FRB from coming apart however the resident did mention that there has been some very strong winds recently and this might have caused some strain on the structure.

The City requests that you keep clear of the structure and would like to remind you that users should keep off the FRBs in Lake Hugh Muntz.