Triathlon Users Highlight the Importance of LHM

Regular lake users highlight the importance of Lake Hugh Muntz for Triathlon training. Some have been training here for over 26 years and have seen the lake quality deteriorate to the current state of continual closures. Despite the health risk, many are forced to train through lake closures due to the lack of suitable training locations.

Despite 20 years of declining water quality, users are still waiting for a plan from Council to address water quality issues to ensure the continued use of this valuable community asset.

Request on Timeframes For Implementation of Griffith Recommendations

In the recent meeting with Council it was announced that a private consulting company will be reviewing the Griffith Recommendations to determine feasibility. What was missing from the meeting was any timeline or an idea of the process moving forward.

The Care Group have requested the following for clarification;

    1. Request detail around the brief, including inputs, and deliverables given to the consultants;
    2. Request timeline for the delivery of these deliverables;
    3. Request meeting with consultants in order to provide relevant info and some inputs.
    1. Request detail around duration for this exercise and who will be doing it;
    2. Request timeline for this analysis;
    3. Once completed timeline and path through GCCC.
    1. On the assumption the multi criteria analysis confirms the recommendations of the Griffith Report, being phoslock with sand capping, when can we expect the implementation.

Council have responded and advised they will communicate with Tony Webber from Alluvium Consulting next week to arrange a meeting with him and the Care Group Rep to understand issues from a resident perspective. The above points will also be clarified at the meeting.

The Care Group will update the public with a community meeting shortly after.


Merrimac High School Sailing Program at Risk Over Possible Storage Shed Removal

Council are considering removal of the sailing boat storage shed citing erosion issues.

Merrimac High have been using this shed for the best part of 30 years for boat storage to provide sailing a part of their physical education program and are keen to continue.

It would be a pity to have this unique opportunity for students to be introduced to sailing denied due to erosion issues that can be easily resolved. As with other areas around the lake, some overdue maintenance in this neglected area could resolve these issues.

The care group have raised concern over the possible removal and indicated that Council should be supporting and improving facilities providing this service-not removing and request they take into consideration the benefits of continuing this service to the local community. Clearly the youth of today needs to be given every opportunity to get away from their devices and out in the real world.



Brief Update on Council Meeting

The Care Group met with Griffith and Council to discuss the Stage 3 Griffith Report recommendations on the reduction of Algal Blooms.

Council have advised they have enlisted Alluvium Consultants to review the Griffith report and perform the feasibility study.

The care group raised concern that the Griffith report, a report with the scope to reduce the frequency and duration of algal blooms did not include investigation into key lake health issues including plant loss and stratification.

The Griffith specialist Michelle Burford confirmed that plant loss was not one of the briefs for investigation.

It is important that all aspects are included in the feasibility study especially key lake health issues. The Care Group will be seeking clarification from Council to confirm this is correct.

It is great news that well respected consultants are performing the feasibility study and is important that all possible options are investigated including aeration, one-way valve etc are considered.

The care group have requested a meeting with the consultants to ensure they are aware of key observations and issues from a resident perspective.

Council were unable to provide any idea of completion but indicated a possible meeting Mid Next year? This is not consistent with previous correspondence that advised;

Once Griffith University’s experiments and report are completed in June 2020, officers will then commence the multi criteria analysis process on recommendations from the report to determine the feasibility, environmental & social considerations and associated costs of potential options. This will likely take a number of weeks to complete.

The care group will be seeking clarification on the expected completion of review and have requested a timeline on when new can finally expect some action.

It is expected to call another community meeting in a few weeks to discuss the meeting after clarification of the above.



Council Meeting Restrictions Set to Silence Community Feedback

The community meeting was a great success today and would like to thank all who attended. The community feed back echoed the Care Groups many concerns that need to be discussed at the upcoming LHMSG meeting with Council.

Unfortunately key attendees at the LHMSG meeting including the head engineer and both Griffith Uni specialists will not be physically attending but online.

Despite many requests  for connectivity to display documents, graphs etc to all attendees as a necessary part of discussions, this request has been refused.

Clearly the inability to display information along with severely restricted time frames will hamper the ability of the Care Group Rep to convey and represent the community and is unacceptable.

The points open for discussion are included in the Reply To Clr Youngs Letter.

If you would like your voice to be heard could you please raise your concern directly with the decision makers below;

Council Contacts;


Phone: 1300465326

Councillor Pauline Young
City of Gold Coast
T: 07 5581 6382
PO Box 5042 Gold Coast Mail Centre Qld 9729