Lake is Now Open!

Looks like La Nina has had a positive effect. The increased cloud cover and the resultant drop in temperature and strong winds have resulted in algae levels dipping below closure level for the past few weeks. With the level still high any prolonged unfavourable conditions can result in another lake closure.

Council have now added toxin concentration to the graph. Previously the lake remained closed for several months although algae levels were below closure level. This addition will now give users the big picture on all aspects that can result in lake closure.

Where Would You Prefer to Swim?

Due to the relative isolation from the canal and river floodwaters, LHM offers better conditions than any other primary contact sites after heavy rain.

Please review the video of swimming locations taken on the same day in mid December and ask yourself “Where would you prefer to swim”

LHM can remain a reliable, safe swimming area as it has done for the past 30 years provided Council takes long overdue action in addressing algae and lake health issues including investigation into canal inputs into the lake.


Lake Closed – For the 5th Consecutive Year in a Row!

It’s hard to believe, but we now have 5 years of consecutive lake closures. Once again the lake has been degraded into a green mess for who knows how long resulting in further decline.

The community has patiently waited through endless reports and now a feasibility study of options. Clearly the time has come for a FIRM COMMITMENT FROM COUNCIL ON SIGNIFICANT ACTION BEFORE NEXT SUMMER!

The Care Group would like to call a very important meeting of all stakeholders at Bel-air Park on Sunday the 31st of January at 4PM to discuss the issues and get feedback.