Concern Over Floodwaters Further Deteriorating Lake Water Quality

The video shows the quality of water overflowing from Robina Waters into the canal adjacent to LHM. As a comparison, the photo shows the current water draining from LHM. Clearly the water quality in the lake looks far better than the canal.

A trial of a $6k one way valve could effectively isolate the lake from canal water and assist in the determination of the negative effects that these floodwaters have. As we wait for clarification from the consultants investigating feasibility and the rains continue, the big concern is further reduction in water quality from the canal system.

Swan Killed by Unsecured Dog

Unfortunately a swan has died after being attacked by a dog not secured by a lead. You only have to walk around the parklands on any day to find dog owners not obeying the law by letting their dogs run around unsecured.

The wildlife including swans around LHM have suffered enough due to loss of habitat and declining food sources as a result of the last 20 years of declining water quality. The last thing the dwindling wildlife population needs is the the harassed by dogs not secured.

Could you please spread the word that it is NOT OK to let your dog run around LHM without a lead and that increased patrols by officers will result in a fine to the minority group of dog owners that continue to place wildlife at risk.

Lake Continues to Track Just Below Closure Level

With favourable weather conditions resulting in regular rain and increased cloud cover, LHM has managed in most cases to stay below closure level. While this may seem a positive improvement, the lake is still a long way from being healthy.

The view from the air over the weekend clearly shows the devastating effect the algal bloom has on LHM compared to other waterways. The BIG green that has been ongoing for the best part of a decade.

The consultants who are looking into feasibility¬† “have worked through an number of options for Council”. Once this has been finalised, the next step is clearly effective and timely action by Council to implement.