Why No Aerator or Other Solutions Investigated in LHM?

As an example of other solutions in use, West Lake and Robina Lakes have an extensive installation of Aerators. Aerators increase diffused oxygen in the water, which in turn supports and encourages the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria. These beneficial bacteria break down organic matter and consume excess nutrients which helps to balance and improve water quality and reduce algae blooms.

What is Council Hiding?

The Care Group requested water quality results over 7 months ago after the initial algae outbreak. Previously, Council have provided results but now refuse our requests. Out of desperation, we have requested information under the “Right to Information Act 2009.” Under the circumstances, we have no confidence in Council providing an unbiased report on the ongoing condition of the lake. In the light of NO explanation by Council we are raising funds to seek an independent analysis.

Lake Now Toxic!

Algae danger levels are measured in several ways. By the number of algae cells per volume of water and by the percentage of toxins in a volume. Council advice indicated the lake is now in the red from excessive toxin levels.

How Much is Your Property Worth Now?

For the broader LHM community who paid a premium choosing to live near and enjoy an environmentally healthy freshwater lake, look at the comparison photos of LHM vs a healthy lake and ask the question “how much has your property value declined and why should you pay for Council’s mismanagement?”


  • LHM has suffered from 20 years of excessive nutrients under Council’s mismanagement.
  • After 10 yrs of increasing nutrients, the LHM Management Plan was released in 2008. The stated brief: To achieve a healthy and aesthetically valuable environment, indicative of a freshwater lake system in a sub-tropical setting.
  • The implementation of the LHM Management Plan to maintain a healthy lake was largely ignored.

Council’s Non-Plan to Reverse the Decline.

There has NEVER been a plan to implement the Council Approved management plan! The Care Group’s numerous requests for a “plan” were ignored. Improvements were only the result of resident complaints and the determination of the Care Group to get some progress.

Main Solutions implemented that could have a measurable effect on nutrients;

  • 15 years into the decline – trial of reed beds – no measureable improvement.
  • 17 years into the decline – Drain baskets fitted – Poor results, secondary treatment catchment required.

Too little too late! These solutions alone were NEVER going to turn around the decline!

So What are Council Doing in This Crisis?

In a meeting with Council one year ago (in March 2017), Cr Taylor and Council officers advised:

  • NO further funds are available to spend on LHM.
  • They will not be changing maintenance – the same level that has proven to be inadequate.
  • They were downgrading the lake status from primary contact (swimming) to secondary (no swimming).

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