Resignation of Lake Hugh Muntz Coordinator

Hi all,

I would like to advise of my resignation as the LHM coordinator. Unfortunately it has become increasing difficult to continue with increased work commitments to effectively carry out my duties as coordinator.

It has been over 10 years since I first raised concern over lake decline and feel its time for someone else to continue this very important role.

If you would like to take over this role or are interested in helping out could you please email the Care Group and express your interest.


I thank you for your ongoing support in saving this valuable community asset.

Lake Algae levels Continue to Track Low

The latest algae graph courtesy GCCC shows that algae levels have continued to remain low since the application of Phoslock nearly 6 months ago. However, elevated toxin levels remain an issue with another Amber Alert issued on the 18th of January.

The Care Group have requested that the public be updated on the progress of the Phoslock trial and clarification on the trend and possible causes of the extended high levels of toxins.

Clr Young Claims “terrified” by Mob at Recent Lake Community Meeting

In a recent story in the Bulletin Clr Young describes the Lake Hugh Muntz Community who attended the meeting as

“a 200-strong mob just going off at me” and

 “thank God there were council security officers there, it was terrifying”

The Care Group would like to clarify that at this community meeting there were no threats, no abuse and no unacceptable behaviour towards Councillor Young or any other participants.

There were members of the community rightfully expressing dissatisfaction over the appalling decline of LHM, highlighting that after 5 years of closures, there is still no timeline and no funded action plan. The photo taken this summer highlights the genuine concern by the community.

Please review the Council Community Information video on LHM YouTube site below and while there, have a look at what the lake used to look like.


Council Say NO to Fast Tracking Implementation of Griffith Recommended Phoslock Application.

The care group requested Council fast track feasibility and implementation of Griffith recommendations based on;

  • This Scientific research offer the best solution to reduce algae.
  • Council and  Alluvium consultants confirming at the meeting in December that the lake is on a rapid decline and urgent action is required.
  • The inability of Council to provide any indication or estimate of timeline for funded action – possibly years before action!

Councillor Young advised that;

The City continues to commission, receive and analyse complex scientific data about this lake and algal blooms. When a remedial option that is deemed viable, is supported by scientific research and is affordable with strong prospects for success, there will be no hesitation in attempting resolution.

The Engineering dept has the opportunity to restore public confidence and provide information on what tests are being done, the timeframe and an estimate to implementing a funded solution but to-date have ignored requests.

At the recent information session, despite 5 consecutive years of closure, 9 months since release of Griffith Recommendations and 6 months into the feasibility study, Council were unable to provide any info on timeline leading to unnecessary frustration, dismay and anger from the public.

With the last update now a year out of date the Care Group once again are forced to escalate to our elected representative, Pauling Young to get the updates.

A lake on rapid decline needs action NOW!


QLD Parliament Petition to Save Lake Hugh Muntz

Our local Member of Parliament, Ray Stevens has agreed to sponsor a petition to help Save Lake Hugh Muntz. The petition will be tabled in the QLD Parliament for members of the Parliament to consider the action requested to implement the Griffith recommendations to reduce algae.

Its important that we get a significant numbers to carry more weight so appreciate that the link to the petition is shared to as many users as possible. In particular, the Care Group request the support of the many user groups to share with their members to raise support. Please click the link below and sign before the closing date on the 29th of August.

Petition Save Lake Hugh Muntz

Another link has also been provided on the LHM Website Landing page at

With this Council maintained community asset heading for its 6th consecutive closure, I ask you to review the video of the appalling state of the lake last summer and ask how bad does this have to get before action is taken?


Councillor Young Requested to Support Community and Support Griffith Recommendations

Hi Clr Young,

As you a well aware from your attendance at the Info Session, the public are furious that, as LHM heads into its 6th consecutive year of closure that there still is no action plan. This is despite Griffith recommendation last year, after 3 years of comprehensive testing that a Phoslock application would offer the best solution to reduce algal blooms.

As you are also aware, engineering receive regular funding to provide ongoing maintenance to all lakes including LHM and that funding to implement the Phoslock application is available NOW!

The Care Group would like to formally request that you support your community and support the fast tracking of the feasibility study into phoslock to enable application before next summers algal bloom.

As elected Councillor for Div 12, we will be looking forward to your reply on how you intend to support long overdue action to this neglected community asset in your division.


Council Info Session Disaster! Community to Demand Griffith Recommended Phoslock Application


Council Info Session Disaster! Community to Demand Griffith Recommended Phoslock Application

What a fantastic result to have so many people turn up at short notice to have their say.

BUT what a total disaster for an information session.

EACH AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL came to hear what is the plan and what is the timeline to action but came out with zero information.

The only information came from the Alluvium Consultants indicating that by August they would have ranked the 30 odd options according to importance.

Lets spell out some facts to the Community and to Council.

Fact: Griffith Uni were engaged 3 years ago with the brief to reduce the occurrence of algal blooms.

Fact: Griffith thoroughly reviewed all options according their brief and extensively tested effectiveness under modelling and field tests to come up with ONE and only ONE option.

That recommendation was to trial Phoslock with sand capping with Phoslock alone as a cost effective solution.

Fact: Council indicated they would run their multi criteria assessment on the Griffith report and that would take a number of  weeks.

Fact: Council changed their mind and decided to enlist external consultants and have now asked for feasibility of ALL long Term options to be considered.

Why was this not done 3 years ago? Because Council in an unbelievable stuff-up did not include mandatory lake health issues in the brief to be investigated. The result – a further 3 year delay! The limited brief to reduce algal blooms did not even cover loss of aquatic vegetation – a key reason for the ongoing water quality decline!

We now have consultants attempting to do a feasibility study on many options that have not even been investigated – in some cases with incomplete or non-existent data.

So why host an information session and not give the community any idea of timefame/budget allocation or process toward action?

Because once these options are ranked in August, there will be further delays for investigation, water testing etc amounting to years and years of delays!

At the meeting in November it was agreed between Council, Alluvium and the Care Group that the lake is on a rapid decline and urgent action is required. This lake cannot wait for further unnecessary delays in starting action.

Clearly there is only one way forward. To implement the one option that will no doubt be at the top of the list of all options. The one option that has been extensively researched, tested and proven to have the best outcome at reducing algae. The one option that has been recommended by the Griffith University team.


The Care Group will be lobbying for assessment FIRST of the phoslock application to reduce Algae levels originally planned by Council to fast track implementation.

And SECOND, the assessment of lake health issues important for the long term recovery.

We request that the community contact our representative Clr Pauline Young and demand action for implementation of the Griffith Recommendations.

Contact details

Phone: 07 5581 6382
Mobile: 0475 677 181

Pauline Young FACEBOOK