Council App Makes it Easy to Report Issues Around the Lake

Check out this great City of Gold Coast Council App for reporting non-urgent issues. Simply download to your phone, take a photo of the problem and the GPS in your phone will display and map the location of the problem. The images below show a reported issue of vines taking over parkland adjacent to Lake Hugh Muntz.


Many other issues occasionally seen around the lake include storm damage, park rubbish, dumped lounges, abandoned trolleys etc so make Council aware to keep the lake and surrounding parklands in great condition!

A full list of issues include;

Water Quality Results 2015-2016

The latest water quality results have been released courtesy of City of Gold Coast Council. With no official summary of the results available, I would like to comment on local observations over the past year.

2015 started off with above average rainfall but in the second half of the year and continuing into 2016, the rainfall has been well below average.

Rainfall Statistics 2016

The lack of rain would contribute to less nutrients from properties being washed into the lake. The lack of heavy downpours has hopefully increased the efficiency of the drain litter baskets with more leaf litter being collected and again less nutrients entering the lake.

On the negative side, the lake has not received any flushing over the past year with not enough rainfall to fill the lake to overflow.

Water Visibility. Water visibility improved leading into spring but usually deteriorates through summer. With the lack of rainfall however, water clarity has remained good throughout summer and into Autumn.

Graphs below – Courtesy: City of Gold Coast Council.

Total Nitrogen 2015

Total Phosphorus 2015

Turbidity 2016


Big Spring Clean with BIG Results

Nice blue skies greeted the volunteers on our 4th annual clean-up day. An added bonus was good water clarity even in front of the drains which assisted in locating rubbish.

It was great that Paul Taylor showed his support by meeting with many residents before the start of the event.




A plan of attack was discussed with problem areas highlighted for special attention.



Groups were formed then headed off to their respective areas, armed with gloves and bags.



During the cleaning of a huge 3.4 km of shoreline, it was gratifying to find so many residents coming out of their houses and lending a hand to clean their patch and beyond.

Special mention should go out to the many kids that worked tirelessly without complaint. They were tasked with transporting large amounts of waste back to the parks and into the bins. This freed up others to concentrate on removal. Without their help, we would be lucky to have removed half as much as we did!DSCN4121

The event ended with a well deserved sausage sizzle and a catch up with the neighbours.

Despite the lake now being cleaned monthly by council, we not only filled the 2 large bins but had at least another 20 bags left over to be picked up! This amount was the largest since the first cleanup event where 4 large bins were filled! Many thanks to all those who worked very hard to achieve this great result. Also special mention to Gold Coast Councils Catchment Management and Gold Coast Catchment Association for their invaluable assistance.

More Images below!



Lake Clean-up Day is ON AGAIN!

Every year an amazing amount of rubbish is removed from the lake and surrounding foreshores highlighting the need to do this on a regular basis.

It would be great if we could get as many residents as possible to help and give the lake a “Spring Clean” just in time for the swimming season.

The clean-up day is planned for Sunday the 18th of October at 900 am followed by a free sausage sizzle around 1200pm. If you cannot make the clean-up feel free to catch up with your neighbours at the BBQ afterwards.

The meeting place will be in Morialta Park off Wild Duck Drive. Location marked X in the map below. See the events tab on the website for full details.

See you there!

Clean Locatio



Lake Hugh Muntz to Receive Regular Cleaning.

City of Gold Coast Council has placed Lake Hugh Muntz on a regular cleaning roster similar to what other selected waterways receive.

Council advised the inspection/cleaning works will be undertaken by a two man crew from City Maintenance. They will be using a small motorised punt and/or waders depending on conditions and debris/litter encountered.

Access will be via Bel Air Park and the crew will be patrolling the entire lake perimeter each time. Inorganic litter and larger organic items (palm fronds) will be targeted.


City Maintenance will aim to undertake a monthly inspection/clean of the lake although the crew has more than 50 lakes to target each month so they’re kept reasonably busy.

This is a great initiative by Council and will complement the thorough cleaning the lake receives on the Annual Clean-up Day in October.

Is The Lake Safe to Swim in?

This question is asked quite often. Historical monitoring suggests that water quality is generally of a high standard suitable for primary contact and recreational activities.

City of Gold Coast tests water for E.coli weekly in summer. Test results take 48 hrs and if continued high results are recieved, the lake will be closed. This last occurred in 2007.

There is a strong link between rainfall events and the health of our waterways.  Rainfall often collects pollutants from streets, gardens and farms, before it is flushed into our creeks, rivers and oceans via the storm water system. Stormwater runoff can increase bacterial levels in the water and on occasion make them temporarily unsafe for swimming.

City of Gold Coast City is currently monitoring 26 popular recreational water locations within the Gold Coast (including Lake Hugh Muntz). These areas include a combination of our open beaches, creeks, estuaries, enclosed lakes and swimming enclosures.

As a general precaution it is recommended that swimming is avoided during and:

  • one (1) day after heavy rainfall at open beaches.
  • three (3) days after heavy rainfall at river, estuarine and lake locations (such as Lake Hugh Muntz).

How Can You help Keep all our Waterways Clean?

✓Use designated toilet facilities.

✓Ensure young children have frequent toilet breaks.

✓Dispose of human waste correctly when boating and do not discharge sewage, litter or other waste into recreational waterways.

✓Avoid swimming if you have symptoms of diarrhoea or vomiting.

✓Clean up after your pets, ensuring faeces do not enter the stormwater system or waterways.

✓Report sewage spills to your local water utility and report other pollution incidents to your local government.

✓Maintain on-site sewerage facilities such as septic systems, contact your local government for advice.

✓Ensure household stormwater is not connected to the sewerage system.

✓Take home with you and pick up any litter you see.

 For information on microbial pollution, symptoms of illness and general info please follow the link below (Courtesy of City of Gold Coast)

Healthy Waterways Brochure


2014 Water Quality Results Released

The latest water quality results unfortunately show record levels of nutrients, including Phosphorus and Nitrogen, particularly in the middle of the year. This increase coincided with the sand replenishment works that started in the middle of the year. Residents showed concern over the cleanliness of the sand used in the works. The disturbance of bottom sediments as well as the collapse of a retaining wall with subsequent testing of foreshore stability has added greatly to nutrients in the lake.


Fortunately nutrient levels have decreased toward the end of the year but still remain well above the Water Quality Objectives for a healthy lake.

The results are disappointing  as the care group were looking forward to some improvement in water quality as a result of the installation of litter baskets in all drains in March 2014. Hopefully the 2015 water quality results will show some positive results!

Water Quality Graphs below (Courtesy of Gold Coast Council)

Phosphorus 2014

Ammonia 2014

Nitrogen 2014


2014 Clean Up Day – Great Results Despite Lack of Participation.

This year we combined both the clean-up day and the info day together to have an event called “Lake Day”. In the morning clean-up we were very pleased to have Paul Taylor and his wife attend and help. With the smallest group of residents participating since the start of our clean up days, we really needed Paul Taylors help.

It was dissapointing that the councillor who lives out of the lake area made the effort to attend while waterfront owners, local residents and regular lake users could not be bothered!

With the lack of support by the local community and the recent sand replenishment covering up a lot of rubbish, our goal to fill the 2 large bins seemed difficult.

Despite the lack of numbers, the rubbish just kept piling up at the various parks around the lake. The end result was that not only were the 2 bins filled but 2 large piles of rubbish were also removed.

A big thank you to the people that attended. It was amazing that so few acheived so much!

6 clean1 clean4 clean5



Reed Beds Get a Facelift

Residents have expressed concern over the poor growth of plants on the Reed Beds. The poor health of the plants is something of a mystery as they have been used very successfully elsewhere, including the Robina Lakes.

Poor FRB Growth

SPEL, the installing company have undertaken an in-depth study of the plants on the floating reed beds. As a result, a variety of hardy native species are being used this time. The reed beds have been prepared and planting is scheduled to commence this week.


It is expected that once the plants are established, an improved appearance will result.