Brisbane City Council to Spend One Million Dollars to Fight Algae at Forest Lake

Brisbane Council Plan to Implement Aerators in Forest Lake: Why isn’t the Gold Coast CC exploring this option for Lake Hugh Muntz?

Forest Lake is a freshwater lake, located approximately 20 km from the Brisbane CBD, and has a lot in common with Lake Hugh Muntz in Mermaid Waters on the Gold Coast.

This non- swimming lake is about two thirds the size of LHM and has also been battling with Blue Green Algae for many years.

Forest Lake is situated in a highly built up area, surrounded by many properties that are directly affected by the ongoing decline in lake health.

Like LHM, Forest Lake has experienced delays in finding and implementing effective treatment. This has resulted in a further decline of water quality, an increased difficulty in finding a resolution, along with increased maintenance costs.

The similarities end here.

Brisbane City Council (BCC) have a “ Management Plan” and an approved budget of one million dollars to implement effective trials to combat the algae. This is on top of the fifty thousand dollars that BCC has spent on lake maintenance every year.

Please see link below to a video for more info on the trial of bottom aerators as the first step in lake restoration

Council Announcement – Lake Repair