Care Group Meeting With Algae Specialist/Management Plan Suggestions

Care group representatives will be meeting with Griffith Uni Algae experts and Council on Friday 1st of June.

The meeting is a great opportunity to raise User and Resident concerns and seek clarification on issues/difficulties and the best way forward.

To  get the most out of the meeting, the Care Group have produced a Draft Management Plan suggestions for discussion and some sample questions below for the algae experts.

LINK-Draft Management Plan Suggestions


  1. Please review the Draft Management Plan Suggestions and Questions.
  2. Email your comments/suggestions to
  3. All comments/suggestions  will be passed onto Council.

Questions for Algae Experts.

  1. ‘What is the Scope/ or brief that Griffith University are being asked to complete?
  2. What are the expected outcomes and timeframes for the research and report from Griffith University?
  3. How long can this expertise be drawn on?
  4. Past History.

  • Are there algae tests older than 2 years for analysis?
  • What were the trends over time?
  • What was the trigger for this outbreak?
  • How could this have been prevented?

  1. Are GCCC testing for Presence of dangerous Toxins like BMAA?
  2. Is there a concern for airborne toxins?
  3. Out of 100K budget, how much spent in Research Vs Improvements?
  4. What is the outlook for swimming next summer?
  5. Possible Solutions.

  • Aeration. Pros/Cons/Viable alternative.
  • Phoslock. Pros/Cons/Viable alternative
  • Biological Treatment. EG.  Biostim. Pros/Cons/Viable alternative.
  • Alum Treatment. Pros/Cons/Viable alternative.
  • Saltwater reduction through Drain Outlet Control. Pros/Cons/Viable alternative.