Care Group Meeting With Council

THE LHM Care Group requested a meeting with Council to discuss ongoing issues with LHM and to get a update on progress. The meeting was held last week with the following key points:

  • LHMCG has accepted NEW terms of reference and will now attend the stakeholder group and as such will receive further updates and results through this group.
  • Another Griffith Report updated with Phoslock Trial Results released soon.
  • Next stakeholder group meeting is August 5th where Griffith will present their findings of their report in more readable format.
  • Methodologies and proposed aerator solutions will be forwarded to Griffith and analysed for their feasibility and discussed in stakeholder meeting in August.
  • Phoslock results and analysis will be a main focus of Griffith’s new report.
  • Aerators were not presented as a solution in Griffith’s report. Issues with implementing aerators when algae is not controlled.
  • Key Griffith recommendation Hydrogen Peroxide not Approved.
  • Disagreement over the impact of salt water on the lake from canal. Whether it is beneficial or harmful to lake overall.
  • Disagreement over value of lake. Council view as borrow pit for storm water, Care Group views as unique valuable community asset.

Please review full Meeting notes below;

Meeting Notes 31/05/19.