Councils Objectives Inadequate to Restore Lake

On the back of widespread public concern over inaction addressing 20 years of declining lake health, Council engaged Griffith Uni with the scope to;

Reduce the Occurrence of Algae Blooms. That’s it!

NO objectives for long term lake health, NO scope for investigation into catchment management issues and NO environmental considerations.

The limited scope given to Griffith Uni is not going to provide what the community require and that is a long term improvement in lake health.

In contrast, Councils 2008 management plan objectives were;

To ensure that the lake system is maintained as a healthy and
aesthetically valuable environment, indicative of a freshwater lake
system in a sub tropical environment

lets compare other lakes currently having algae issues, for example,
Forest Lake in Brisbane. Brisbane City Council has invested 1 Million Dollars in lake repair with the outcome;

To reduce algal blooms on Forest Lake and improve the health of the lake ecosystem.
Councils inadequate scope given to Griffith Uni experts is hindering and delaying efforts to find a long term effective solution.
The Care Group request that the following mandatory objectives be added to the scope and will be raising the issue with Clr Young at the next meeting;

  • Action to improve the long term health of the lake.
  • Investigation and action on Catchment management Issues.
  • Consideration of all environmental Issues.