Care Group Request Meeting With Parks Due to lack of Action

3 weeks ago the Care Group requested a meeting directly with park officials due to lack of action by Engineering in addressing numerous issues raised.

In April 2019, Engineering were asked to investigate the issues highlighted in the recent rain event with a video supplied in the post Catchment Management Issues -Parks with no action.

At the Stakeholder meeting in September 2019, again issues relating to lack of even basic park maintenance were raised and ignored with no action.(further info below)

10 months on, these same issues are still causing severe problems in the current rain event. large amounts of lawn clippings and soil have ended up in the lake. It is the soil washed from the shore that adds Phosphorus to the lake waters and threatens to compromise the effect of the 100k Phoslock treatment.

Basic Park Maintenance Neglected.

Numerous large trees have  been removed from several areas around the lake. Not only have no suitable replacement trees been planted but not even basic maintenance has been carried out. large areas of bare dirt have been left exposed for months waiting for the next heavy rain. See the negative effects of erosion into the lake that could of been avoided!