Care Group Request Urgent Top-Up of Phoslock Treatment

Phoslock was chosen for a whole lake trial by Griffith after very successful testing using actual water taken from depth at LHM. Despite extra Phosphorus added to the water during the tests, Phoslock was successful in removing all Phosphorus below detectable limits.

The results from the field trial were vastly different – no change in Phosphorus on the surface of the lake and minor change in levels at depth. It is important to note, that in Griffith Phoslock Trial Report, there we no reasons given for the lack of change in Phosphorus. Was it due to insufficient quantities applied?

Clearly the trial did NOT release the full potential of this product or the full potential to make a difference to the water quality of LHM.

Griffith have confirmed the benefits of Phoslock by recommending a further application with sand capping. With no action confirmed, an unknown time frame for implementation and the ongoing decline, the Care Group request that a top up of Phoslock at effective levels to bind the existing Phosphorus be done ASAP.

The latest algae results this week clearly eclipse all previous readings confirming observations of continual decline and the urgent need for action!

If you don’t want to see the lake in this horrible state for years, then you need to raise your concerns directly with GCCC.

Council Contacts;

Email: Phone: 1300465326