Community Doggy Bag Dispenser On Trial

The GCCC liked the care group’s temporary bag holder so much they copied it! Council has installed their community doggy bag holder along with a new bin in Lamington park. The idea of the community bag holder is to allow people in the local community to top up the holder with their unused plastic shopping bags. This not only saves the council money with supplying and filling the dispensers, but allows reuse of the abundant plastic bags supplied by shops etc.

Could you please support this initiative. If the dispenser supply becomes low could you please refill – Simply roll up bag and push through the slot.

Lake Poo Muntz – Dog Dropping Survey

To confirm the best spot for the new bin/doggy bag a dog droping survey was carried out. Not many people were willing to volunteer for the job but  managed to cover the whole lake. We knew there was a lot of poo out there but were suprised to find over 170 droppings scattered around the lake! Check out the map below to see the problem areas.



New Bin and Dog Bag Dispenser for Lamington Park

Walking the dogOne of the big issues for users of Lake Hugh Muntz is the occasional elevated levels of faecal coliform as tested in the water. The cause of the elevated readings is due to dog owners leaving dog poo in the parks. It then washes into the lake after periods of heavy rain.

In an attempt to minimise this issue the Lake Hugh Muntz care group has undertaken to following;

  • Lobby Council for more doggy bag dispensers
  • Lobby Council for more garbage bins in the lake parklands
  • Education of dog owners about the effects of leaving dog droppings in the park
  • Install extra signs in the lake parklands

Good news today with the announcement that a third bin/bag location has been agreed upon, that is in Lamington Park on the western side of the lake.

That should make it easier for dog owners doing the full lap of the lake.