Concern over Delays/Update on Timeline for Action

The Care Group have raised concern that it could be many years before any improvements are realised and have raised questions to clarify. Please see Care Group questions and Councils reply highlighted below;

Council to undertake multi criteria assessment on report recommendations including feasibility, cost etc. How long?

  • Once Griffith University’s experiments and report are completed in June 2020, officers will then commence the multi criteria analysis process on recommendations from the report to determine the feasibility, environmental & social considerations and associated costs of potential options. This will likely take a number of weeks to complete.

Funding for proposed works. Is funding available for proposed works? If not when? With the report due in July after the annual budget will action be delayed another year due to no dedicated funding?

  • Funding for the ongoing maintenance of all city lakes  including Lake Hugh Muntz exists. If an option from Griffiths work is considered feasible, a business case will be submitted for consideration justifying the reasons for the extra budget above what has already been allocated for maintenance activities.

Implementation of sand capping. How Long?

  • Sand capping is an option being investigated by our Griffith experts however as previously explained to the Care Group  the option needs to be assessed through a multi criteria analysis before being considered for a lake application.  

Griffith Report indicates monitoring effectiveness of sand before a possible Phoslock treatment. How long for monitoring?

  • As stated above the sand capping option is being investigated and dependent on a multi criteria assessment. In regards to the duration of monitoring required if the option was considered feasible, we will request Griffith to provide some indicative timing.