Council Say NO to Fast Tracking Implementation of Griffith Recommended Phoslock Application.

The care group requested Council fast track feasibility and implementation of Griffith recommendations based on;

  • This Scientific research offer the best solution to reduce algae.
  • Council and  Alluvium consultants confirming at the meeting in December that the lake is on a rapid decline and urgent action is required.
  • The inability of Council to provide any indication or estimate of timeline for funded action – possibly years before action!

Councillor Young advised that;

The City continues to commission, receive and analyse complex scientific data about this lake and algal blooms. When a remedial option that is deemed viable, is supported by scientific research and is affordable with strong prospects for success, there will be no hesitation in attempting resolution.

The Engineering dept has the opportunity to restore public confidence and provide information on what tests are being done, the timeframe and an estimate to implementing a funded solution but to-date have ignored requests.

At the recent information session, despite 5 consecutive years of closure, 9 months since release of Griffith Recommendations and 6 months into the feasibility study, Council were unable to provide any info on timeline leading to unnecessary frustration, dismay and anger from the public.

With the last update now a year out of date the Care Group once again are forced to escalate to our elected representative, Pauling Young to get the updates.

A lake on rapid decline needs action NOW!