Councillor Young Requested to Support Community and Support Griffith Recommendations

Hi Clr Young,

As you a well aware from your attendance at the Info Session, the public are furious that, as LHM heads into its 6th consecutive year of closure that there still is no action plan. This is despite Griffith recommendation last year, after 3 years of comprehensive testing that a Phoslock application would offer the best solution to reduce algal blooms.

As you are also aware, engineering receive regular funding to provide ongoing maintenance to all lakes including LHM and that funding to implement the Phoslock application is available NOW!

The Care Group would like to formally request that you support your community and support the fast tracking of the feasibility study into phoslock to enable application before next summers algal bloom.

As elected Councillor for Div 12, we will be looking forward to your reply on how you intend to support long overdue action to this neglected community asset in your division.


Council Info Session Disaster! Community to Demand Griffith Recommended Phoslock Application