Councils Reply to Water Quality Concerns Raised in LHM Newsletter

Please see below the official response for Council.

Clarification of Lake Hugh Muntz Care Group Newsletter

I write to ensure you have the facts regarding Lake Hugh Muntz. These are:

1.    The City has not proposed any reduction in service levels at Lake Hugh Muntz. In fact, the lake already receives a higher level of maintenance and investment when compared to other City-owned lakes and waterways.

2.    The water body is not a designated lake and was designed as a run-off catchment for the stormwater in that residential area, along with general urban run-off. It captures water from at least 16 stormwater drains.

3.    Swimming will still be permitted but like it has always been, this is at the risk of those choosing to swim there. The water body is not patrolled by life savers so the decision to swim is one for individuals to make.

There has been a suggestion that Council should invest more of ratepayers’ funds to improve the water quality. However, to achieve primary recreation water quality, the lake would require filtration or even chlorination. This is not practical for a range of reasons including the fact that the 17 hectare water body has depths up to 12 metres. The volume is equivalent to approximately 282 Olympic sized swimming pools. Unlike a swimming pool, the waterbody is populated by birds, fish and reptiles.

In closing, Council cannot, and won’t be, guaranteeing that the water is always suitable for primary contact. Should a blue/green algae bloom or similar outbreak occur, we will advise the public of these outbreaks and strongly urge visitors to not enter the water.

Likewise, we will advise once the algae bloom or other outbreak has been managed. For more information please contact Mr Colin Bridges (07) 5667 3834.

Regards Paul.

Paul Taylor  MAICD

Councillor for Division 10

Chair Gold Coast Water and Waste Committee

Tel: (07) 5581 6171 Fax: (07) 5581 5294 Coast Mail Centre QLD 9729