Every year an amazing amount of rubbish is removed from the lake highlighting the need to do this on a regular basis.


This annual event is usually planned for October when the water level is generally low and the weather fine. It is also good timing with many users enjoying the lake for swimming.

A free sausage sizzle afterwards for all residents, not just participants in the cleaning. This is a great way to meet your neighbours and get to know people in the area.

Location: Morialta Park (off Wild Duck Drive) Meet at the spot marked with X below.

Clean Locatio

Gloves and garbage bags will be supplied on the day but ensure you have protective footware!

Caution! If you plan to enter the water it is at your own risk. Water depths may vary and sharp objects may be present. Ensure protective footware and gloves are worn.

Problem areas are targeted at the pre-clean meeting and residents organised into groups.



Boats/rafts will collect rubbish found and return to the nearest park. Car/trailer will transport rubbish back to the large bins located at Morialta park off Wild Duck Drive.

We would like to clean up the surrounding parkland immediately next to the lake if we have the manpower (or women power!) as a lot of rubbish is waiting to be washed in. Otherwise most access to areas will require a paddle ski etc to get rubbish out of reeds from the water side and the numerous palm fronds around most of the shoreline. Rakes would be required in all coves and bays to remove palm fronds etc and also any rotting vegetation in and around reeds. Not to mention numerous plastic bottles, bags etc.

The rear lake needs the most attention in areas such as, Lamington Park, Otway park (off Penninsula Court) and Morialta park. Some areas have outbreaks of weeds  that could be removed as well.