Gold Coast Council have extensively planted the area and installed matting in problem areas. The final plantings, once established will be a great asset for the park and offer long term improvements to the water quality of Lake Hugh Muntz by reducing soil runoff into the lake. A big thank you to Parks and Recreation for a job well done!




As the lake is a closed system, what flows into the lake stays in the lake! Although the catchment are is small, 65 drains regularly feed leaf litter straight into the lake. Modelling suggests approximately 91,000 KG of suspended solids are produced in the catchment EACH YEAR.

One of the key recommendations of the Management Report was to fit Gully Baskets to all street drains within the catchment. These have the ability to filter waste down to 2mm and offer major reductions as seen below.

Gully baskets were installed in April 2014 in all drains. Two different types are required due to the reduced depth of some drains. Most baskets are of the type below. They contain a centre basket and 2 overflow flaps.

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