FRB Nov2

The initial 12 month trial revealed no concrete evidence of water quality improvement. Due to the large seasonal variation in previous water quality tests, it is expected that ongoing water tests over a longer period will provide a clearer picture of the reed beds effectiveness.

Concern has been raised by residents over the poor plant growth and appearance of the Reed Beds. The poor health of the plants is something of a mystery as they have been used very successfully elsewhere, including the Robina Lakes.

Poor FRB Growth

Reed Bed plants were replaced in July 2014 with a variety of species that will perform better. Plants will take some time to establish but over time will hopefully offer a better result.



The lake was closed to swimming in the past with high bacteria levels possibly the result of dog droppings not being picked up then washed into the lake after heavy rains.

 The Care Group have conducted a Dog Dropping survey to determine problem areas and found ove 170 dog droppings.

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