Lake Cleanup Day 2013

On our second cleanup day we managed to get a lot of rubbish out of the lake with a small but dedicated group of locals.


After last years BIG cleanup there was still plenty to pick up with 2 large bins full but the concensus was that there was less rubbish. A very good indication that our annual cleanup day is making a difference.


Rubbish was collected from all parks and removed from the surrounding shoreline by several boats and floats.


Unfortunately the weather closed in with a severe thunderstorm warning just as we were finishing the cleanup so we had to cancel the BBQ. Later we had an impromptu sausage sizzle in the evening where the raffle for the prizes was drawn.


IMG_7164 (1)

Many thanks to Bond Uni for the generous donation of the iPad mini won by Judy Rogers and to Complete Avionics for their generous donation of the kayak won by Heather Kirkwood. The lucky winners can be seen below.

A special thanks to City of Gold Coast Catchment Management Team for making this day possible by suppling bags/gloves/bins/food and drink for the participitants.

Last but not least well done to the small band of locals who donated their valuable time to make a difference!



Some photos of the very hard workers below;



IMG_7162 IMG_3533 IMG_3532 IMG_3540 IMG_3541 IMG_3546