Lake In Crisis and Heading for Closure- Council Response Unacceptable

With the lake barely open for a month, the latest algae graph indicates the lake is about to close again due to high algae concentrations.

Council and Griffith Uni have been well aware of expected worsening of conditions on the back of record algae levels and the lake deteriorating to the worst conditions ever seen earlier this year!

So what are Council doing in this crisis?

  • We have our Councillor Pauline Young elected to represent the community not even accepting calls from the Care Group or concerned residents, passing inquires off to the dept that has continually failed to address issues.
  • We have the Griffith report now 3 months overdue – no explanation on why this report has not been released or any expected time frame on release. This represents a further delay in getting action to this crisis.
  • We have NO response to any of our many concerns and requests raised in our Care Group Reply to Clr Youngs Letter over two and a half months ago!

The Care Group request that EVERY concerned resident, users and user groups contact our Councillor and the engineering Dept and voice there concern over lack of information and lack of action.

Clr Pauline Young

Ph. 07 5581 6382    Email:

Engineering Dept.

Ph 07 5667 3893 Email:

While raising your concern on the above issues, ask what is happening to Care Group requests contained in the Letter to Clr Young including;

  • Fast tracking Griffith solutions including Phoslock this summer to prevent further decline.
  • What are Clr Youngs  plans to honor election commitments to address long outstanding catchment management issues including grass clippings?
  • Mandatory inclusion of Lake Health in Griffiths investigation not just reduction in algal blooms. Why has something important as Lake health been left out?
  • PROPER investigation into the negative effects of high nutrient floodwater entering the lake and the many advantages of the installation of a one-way valve at the outlet.
  • Action Plan to address the  significant loss of submerged aquatic vegetation which is mandatory in any lake recovery.
  • Action in addressing key issues effecting long term lake health including the severe stratification – What condition would the lake be in for example in10 years if stratification is not addressed?