Lake Hugh Muntz Updates- Lake Now Closed for 6 Months!

LHM has now been closed for 6 months – half a year! The closure could not have come at a worse time with the lake not being able to be used throughout the whole COVID lockdown period.

  • Algae Graph. Unfortunately the community are still left in the dark over the extent and the trends of the toxic state of the lake with mystery high toxic levels extending the closure. Current graph shows low algae levels for several months. GCCC plan to update algae website to a more user friendly form which the Care Group have requested to include trending of all measurements relating to lake closure.

  • Investigation into Record Algae levels. The care group requested a detailed investigation based on resident observations of the worst condition of the lake in 25 years and significant input of dirty water from the canal. Council have advised that the cause is a combination of significant rainfall and nutrients in-lake being stirred up by the force of water. The care group have requested the data that supports the statement that in-lake nutrients, not the significant high level of nutrients from the canal are responsible for the record algae levels.
  • Care Group Meeting Request with Clr Young. Clr Youngs office advised that Council have not yet lifted certain restrictions regarding meetings with the public at this stage and to make contact in the future.
  • Catchment Management Issues. City Parks officers have been working with Councillor Young and the Lake Hugh Muntz Management Team to develop improvement plans for parks, with some works starting this Quarter.
  • Delay in Report on Management Options. The report into potential management options was due in July but has been delayed while a user friendly summary is produced in conjunction with the full report.
  • Delay in Next LHMSG Meeting. It was 6 months since the Lake Hugh Muntz Stakeholder Group and interested individuals met at Council Chambers. With the current COVID restrictions, Council advises that it is difficult to conduct meetings involving large groups and will reschedule when safe and appropriate.