Lake Now Open After 7 Months Closure But For How Long?

Council have advised that algae and toxin concentrations have fallen below the Red Alert levels to the Orange level and have opened the lake after nearly 7 months of closure.

Council have updated their website to a traffic light system indicating lake condition and can be accessed through the link below:

Lake Hugh Muntz Water Quality

Unfortunately the graph showing trends in water quality still does not give any indication of the toxin levels that have extended the lake closure for over 3 months or the current level or trends.

We are still waiting on the report from Griffith that was due in July regarding options to reduce blooms.

As we head into the swimming season, on the back of record algae and toxin levels, indicating an even further decline in water quality, the Care Group will be requesting immediate implementation of options in the report.

The Care Group will be planning a public meeting shortly after the release of the report.