Congratulations Gold Coast City Council on Achieving Record Algae levels

The latest algae results show record levels over previous blooms giving a very clear indication of a continuing decline that has now stretched out over 4 consecutive years! Council’s commitment to achieving these results represents not weeks, not months, not years but decades of poor management.

It should come as no surprise that the water is now looking more like a swamp with long term residents commenting.

This is the worst I have seen the lake in 30 years”

Images below of the present/past highlight the appalling degradation!

There is currently NO confirmed action plan and NO confirmed timetable for any action.



The Care Group request:

  1.  That you raise your concerns directly with the Div 12 candidates at the upcoming election to get their commitment on action for Lake Hugh Muntz. We need a Councillor to drive some long overdue reforms and make this community asset a priority!

  2. That you register your email address at to receive updates on issues and become a member of the Save Lake Hugh Muntz FB page and share responses from Candidates.

Div 12 Candidates;

Councillor Pauline Young: Email: Phone:     0482 626 499

Cathy Osborne: Email:

Phone:   0408984883

Zac Revere: Email:

Phone:   0458 536 684

Council Contacts;


Phone: 1300465326



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