Whole Lake to Receive Phoslock Treatment Next Week!

Some great news with a trial of Phoslock to begin next week! This trial will involve a whole lake treatment, not just a small trial area.This could not of come at a better time with the latest water quality results indicating an increase of algae in all areas with the lake possibly heading for closure in the near future.

Phoslock has been highlighted by Griffith Uni as one of the key products to offer possible improvements to the condition of LHM. It should be noted that due to many variable factors, there is no guarantee that this treatment will provide the desired results.

The treatment will involve the spreading of Phoslock to the surface of the lake by boat. The treatment will take time to settle to the bottom. As a result the lake will be closed all next week and signs will be erected notifying the public.

The challenge now is to implement an effective Management Plan to ensure that any improvements are maintained to provide long term improvements in water quality for the benefit of all lake users.

From experience, nothing every happens quickly in Council!

Council should be commended for getting this major treatment implemented before the next algae outbreak with special mention to Paul Taylor, Steven Mc Veigh and Darren Ford for getting this treatment over the line in a very short time fame.