Long Term Options Report Released to the Public

  • ¬†initiating mesocosm experiments in the field, trialling the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide and PhoslockTM under natural conditions. This will then demonstrate whether hydrogen peroxide is effective for C. ovalisporum at concentrations tested in the laboratory and minimising the effect on other algae and animals. Additionally, Phoslock trials will test how effectively the compounds reduces phosphorus concentrations in the water column, and caps the sediment.
  • water quality model runs to test adequate dosages and timing of application to avoid spending unnecessary resources and/or achieving sub-optimal results.
  • laboratory measurements to better understand the growth requirements and toxin production of C. ovalisporum isolated from Lake Hugh Muntz. This is a poorly studied species so the literature is not helpful for the modelling questions. Additionally, the isolates Lake Hugh Muntz will be locally adapted to specific salinity, temperature, light and other conditions. This information is crucial to effective modelling.

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