Meeting with Consultants to Discuss Lake Options

Care Group met this week with Council and Tony Weber of Alluvium Consulting to discuss the feasibility study of lake Management Options. Alluvium Consulting where engaged to provide Council with the expertise to review and assess all options.

Care group highlighted the urgency to get action. This was based on the increasing severity of algal blooms over the last 4 years and the declining lake health.

Both Council and Tony agreed on the urgency.

The Care Group suggested to fast track the Griffith recommendation of sand capping/Phoslock but GCCC made it clear that consideration of all options needs to be assessed first.

Feasibility of options including one – way valve, phoslock with or without sand capping and aquatic planting /vegetation etc will be ranked according to the Multi Criteria assessment. An estimated time frame of Mid February was given for the submission of Alluvium’s report to Council.

Council advised they are working towards implementation of at least one of the options that has the potential to make a measurable difference before next summer.

The Care group will be following up on progress on long overdue action over the coming months.