Ongoing Delays in Water Quality Results

In July last year, the Care Group in discussions with Council requested water quality results to determine the extent of degradation and trends. This was in response to the poor lake condition after the first Algae outbreak.

Despite after 6 months and numerous emails and phone calls, water quality results and summary of lake condition have not been supplied. With the latest outbreak, requests for water quality updates on Algae have also not been provided. The Care Group   planned to update users on algae trending so we have an idea how long the lake will be closed during this high use period.

With the ongoing poor condition of the lake, residents and users need to know the “facts” on the ongoing degradation of this Council Managed Asset.

Within walking distance of LHM is another freshwater lake. This lake is in a similar environment in a highly built up area, street drains running into lake and minimal flushing.

When comparing the recent images below, the question has to be asked “Why has our lake been left to deteriorate to this condition”