Park Improvement Works to Commence Next Week

Some great news with Council advising commencement of park improvement works that were indicated at the Care Group Meeting with parks back in February.

The primary objectives are to raise presentation levels, improve public safety, minimise soil erosion and debris run off into the water body, improve sustainability and the functionality of the public open space.

The Griffith management options report stated;

“Most catchment-based actions represent long-term investments in lake health”

With effective implementation followed up with ongoing maintenance, these works will provide ongoing benefits into the future.

The latest Griffith Report highlighted the importance reducing nutrient loads into the lake with modelling indicating load reduction the best option for reducing phosphorus levels! It is important that work is continued in the many other problem areas as the effectiveness of a Phoslock application can be hampered if there are still high concentrations of external phosphorus entering a waterbody after a Phoslock treatment.

It is important that residents continue to address any runoff issues from their properties including reduction in fertiliser use.