Pollution Concerns Over Water Main Upgrade

Council are upgrading the water main in Wild Duck Drive due to several repairs in the area. They are also planning future upgrades in Haslewood Court. The works involve digging up the nature strip to fit a replacement pipe. Unfortunately Gold Coast Water has a bad track record. Last year in several locations, large amounts of topsoil was washed into the lake turning the water “chocolate brown” with no silt traps or other measures taken to reduce pollution.

The Care Group are in discussion with Gold Coast Water to minimise impact but need your help. If you see anything other than clean water going down the drain could you please raise the issue with the contractors concerned. Alternatively, you can call Council’s Health Services Division on 55816220 or AH1800 637000 to report any pollution.

Early intervention by residents could of reduced the pollution above!

Remember what flows into the lake, stays in the lake!