QLD Parliament Petition to Save Lake Hugh Muntz

Our local Member of Parliament, Ray Stevens has agreed to sponsor a petition to help Save Lake Hugh Muntz. The petition will be tabled in the QLD Parliament for members of the Parliament to consider the action requested to implement the Griffith recommendations to reduce algae.

Its important that we get a significant numbers to carry more weight so appreciate that the link to the petition is shared to as many users as possible. In particular, the Care Group request the support of the many user groups to share with their members to raise support. Please click the link below and sign before the closing date on the 29th of August.

Petition Save Lake Hugh Muntz

Another link has also been provided on the LHM Website Landing page at

With this Council maintained community asset heading for its 6th consecutive closure, I ask you to review the video of the appalling state of the lake last summer and ask how bad does this have to get before action is taken?