Residents Not Happy With Councils “Blame the Residents” Statements.

A “Blame the Residents” approach to the ongoing Water Quality Issues has been publically communicated to key user groups through emails and in the recent Division 10 newsletter. In response, the Care Group have raised the issue directly with Paul Taylor in the letter below;

Hi Paul,

Local residents have recently received your Division 10 Newsletter and the Lake Hugh Muntz Care Group and local residents have raised concerns about the statements you are making in relation to what is causing the current issues in Lake Hugh Muntz.

 ” Lake Hugh Muntz has been experiencing water quality issues caused by an increase in nutrient-rich run-off water from surrounding properties combined with the surge of warmer weather – creating the perfect environment for algae growth. As part of the ongoing maintenance of the lake, the City closed the lake from 10 to 17 December 2018 to allow Phoslock® testing in the water. This testing is now complete.”  Division 10 Newsletter

Statements which insinuate a ‘blame the residents only’ approach being communicated in your newsletter is a very disappointing reflection of your lack of support.

A survey of lake front properties indicates that there are very few grassed or unfenced properties that would be the main cause of this issue. Lake front properties are well maintained with lawns mown with catchers. As you are well aware since 2012 the LHM Care Group have been educating residents on the importance of minimising any impact on the lake, including voluntary bans on fertiliser use.

Residents feel that the areas of greatest concern are the Park areas were GCCC workers use mowers and whipper snippers with all the clippings going directly into the lake and secondly the areas where there is considerable soil erosion which also ends up directly in the lake.

Where are your statements to the community that reflect that the GCCC is also accepting responsibility for the impact that their current management and maintenance practices have on the issues facing Lake Hugh Muntz?

What are you doing to proactively ensure that GCCC develops Park Maintenance Practices that will minimise the environmental impact on Lake Hugh Muntz?

It is time to stop hiding behind ‘smoke screens and mirrors’ and provide the community with honest, accurate information from:

  • The recent water quality results,
  • The GCCC recommendations for the plans for the next stage to be implemented to ensure that Lake Hugh Muntz will be saved and
  • A budget of how the $100 000 allocated for rehabilitating Lake Hugh Muntz will be spent.

We will welcome an opportunity to discuss with you in detail what steps you are actually taking to proactively support and encourage the GCCC to ensure the long term future of Lake Hugh Muntz as a highly valued community asset.

  • Lake Hugh Muntz is one of the most valuable environmental and community assets located on the Gold Coast. It will be a very sad indictment on your track record as a representative for the community in Division 10 if you don’t prioritise and show support for ensuring that Lake Hugh Muntz is saved for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Regards: Lake Hugh Muntz Care Group.