Residents and Users Forced to Take Protest Action over Council Inaction

The decision by Council not to allocate any funds to LHM as well as the downgrading of the lake to Secondary (no- Swimming) contact has residents and user groups up in arms! With the lack of communication from Council and the continued decline of water quality it is only a matter of time before the lake is closed Permanently!

Out of desperation, concerned residents have organised a protest and invited Channel 9 to film the event.

Despite only 1 days notice, over one hundred residents and user group representatives descended on Bel-air park to have their very angry voices heard.

The mood of the group was to say the least “determined” to do what every is necessary to¬†“Save this Lake”

The story should be live to air this Friday the 16th March on the 4 pm and the 530 pm news but check the program guide to confirm.

You will also be able to access the story on Channel 9’s facebook page.