Response to Councils Newsletter

  • Paul Taylor has gone to great lengths in his Letter to Residents to highlight that Lake Hugh Muntz is a constructed water body that forms part of a ‘stormwater’ drainage system which by its very nature is unregulated and uncontrollable
  • The Lake Hugh Muntz Care Group believes the fact that Lake Hugh Muntz forms part of a stormwater drainage system does not offer a reason to Residents as to why Lake Hugh Muntz has been mismanaged and neglected by Gold Coast Council. It also does not offer an answer as to why council has not taken steps to control the quality of stormwater entering Lake Hugh Muntz?
  • Lake Hugh Muntz is gifted with being a small manageable catchment area. The lake is an enclosed water body, separated from rivers and streams. The short distances the water has to flow to enter the lake creates minimal erosion and results in relatively clean water entering the lake. There are no valid reasons as to why Gold Coast City Council has neglected and mismanaged Lake Hugh Muntz
  • In an attempt to detract from Councils mismanagement Councillor Paul Taylor has now, rather pathetically, advised that Lake Hugh Muntz may have potentially “Dangerous Aquatic Organisms”- Suddenly “eels” are on par with Stone fish despite no reference in Council documentation. To “make up” stories to detract from safety or to reduce usage of LHM is just not acceptable! This quite frankly confirms that Council are intent on “Finding Excuses Instead of Investigating Solutions”
  • It is no accident that LHM has been such a popular and safe place to swim. LHM has many advantages over other swimming areas as highlighted in the video “why should LHM be Primary Contact”.

Please review the video and ask yourself “why has Lake Hugh Muntz been neglected”

  • Lake Hugh Muntz has been suitable for swimming for the past 35 years and must be maintained accordingly. Please make your voice heard, write an email to Paul Taylor, sign the Save Lake Hugh Muntz petition and force Gold Coast Council to take care of our lake.