Sand Top-up Around Foreshore

Council will be distributing sand around the forshore of the lake over the next 3 weeks.  The aim is to build up the profile of the bank adjacent to the retaining wall to the original level. Erosion has been pronounced in some areas exposing footings.


Some areas will get more that others depending on their current level. Areas of reeds will be excluded so the wildlife is not disturbed.

The works will be done using a floating pootoon with digging equipment on board to distribute the sand. Access to the lake will be mainly from Bel Air Park but other locations around the west side of the lake will also be used.

Council will be distributing a flyer with full information on the works to effected residents.

The works will not only repair erosion but fresh sand will give the lake a real facelift. The recent installation of gully baskets could not of come at a better time as they will help to keep the new sand clean.