Short Term Option Report Released – No Implementation by Council.

The short term report by Griffith Algae experts has been released and is available to the public on Councils Website

The summary from the report concludes;

“There is high uncertainty of a positive outcome for many options, time is required for engineering development (e.g., a boat designed to distribute hydrogen peroxide) in some cases and/or permits are required by State and Commonwealth authorities for discharge to the canal”

Council have confirmed, NO implementation regarding the Short Term Options.

With no action planned, a lot is dependent on the Long Term Options Report Due in 2 weeks!

Urgent action is required by Council to implement Long Term Options that are effective and in a timely manner preferably before the next bloom. Permanent damage as has already occurred with the loss of most, possibly all underwater aquatic plants. Any delays are going to increase difficulty, increase time frame and cost of lake restoration.

Without intervention, and with the rapid increase and severity of past algal blooms, the trend is for an even bigger bloom this year. No one can predict the outcome but the question has to be asked  “are we heading for an ecological disaster”

Clearly the lake cannot enter a Third year of algal blooms without Action!