Summary of Stakeholder Group Meeting

Just a brief update on the meeting held on the 12th of August.

  • Poor attendance from user groups with only one other representative from tri clubs present.
  • No commitment to Phoslock top up until assessment of initial treatment.
  • Reedbed removal shortly due to age /structural issues. Care Group recommend replacement habitat established BEFORE removal to reduce impact to wildlife.
  • Planting of foreshore plants adjacent to parklands with existing species planned by Council. This will provide habitat but delays to supply/grow mature plants, then establishment.
  • Presentation of Options report. Options are scored on various criteria. Phoslock and submerged aquatic plants rated highly with one-way value down the list due to no modelling done and the indication by Griffith of significant saline groundwater intrusion. The Care Group are still waiting for clarification on the assessment of salt and nutrient inputs from the canal vs groundwater.
  • Option of mixing waters near lake exit during rain events missing from assessment. Option can assist in removal of both nutrient and salt water from the lake. Request that consideration and analysis be included.
  • Only one option to resolve stratification that scored highly on both environmental and social criteria. The option involves shallowing of the west side of the lake to induce natural cycling of the water column as is the case with the eastern side of the lake. See image for clarification – Image courtesy of Princeton Hydro.

  • Options report used to develop a lake management plan but no timeframe.
  • Digital copy of options report to be available on Councils website shortly.

On further analysis of the option report, the Care Group will be following up with numerous questions to clarify the assessment of options and Councils current/future plan to stop the decline.