Widespread Weed Problem

Numerous areas around the lake are being inundated by a weed Called Singapore Daisy. This is on the GCCC “10 worst weeds list” but not many people are aware of this.There are many species of weeds to be on the look out for, with the top ten worst weeds particularly damaging or prevalent, sometimes as garden plants in our backyards.

This weed can quickly spread across the lake so it is important to remove any of these plants from  properties ASAP.

Singapore Daisy has migrated and covered large areas of reeds in several parklands. The Care Group are in discussion with GCCC Parks to get these areas under control.

For more info read below or follow the link to find out what the 10 Worst weeds are!

(Info Courtesy GCCC)


6. Singapore daisy (Sphagneticola trilobata)
A native of the area between Mexico and Argentina, this herb spreads easily smothering and climbing over low growing vegetation. The dense ground cover it forms inhibits any natives from germinating due to lack of space, lack of sunlight and lack of water. It grows well in most habitats from roadsides, coastal areas, bushland, rainforest, riparian areas,wetlands and wasteland. Singapore Daisy can be very difficult to control and can reshoot from nodes on stems. It is mainly dispersed by human cultivation as well as through the dumping of garden clippings, birds and water.